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Archived updates for Monday, August 04, 2008

Is Your USPTO Roster Address Up-to-Date?

The Office of Enrollment and Discipline soon will send a letter to each registered patent practioner containing the practitioner’s user identification number to the official address currently listed on the official roster of registered patent attorneys and agents. The letter also will include instructions for obtaining a password that, used together with the user identification number, will allow the practitioner access to the practitioner’s records through the new OED customer interface. The letter will be sent only to practitioners listed on the official roster of registered patent attorneys and agents, and only to the address in the roster.

To be sure the USPTO sends this letter to a current address, please check the official roster of registered patent attorneys and agents located at Patent Attorneys/Agents Search. If the contact information is correct, the practitioner need not update the information and the letter will be sent to that address. If the information is not current, the practitioner should go to Change of Address Form [PDF], complete the address change form, and promptly mail the change of address form to Mailstop OED, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, P.O. Box 1450, Alexandria, Virginia 22313-1450. Practitioners who have been removed from the Roster of Patent Attorneys and Agents must apply for reinstatement to the roster.

For additional information on the new OED records system, see On-Line Change of Address for Practitioners.
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Anonymous JSBach said...

At the last firm where I worked, at most 5 of 18 Registrants list the firm as their current address. One at that address is deceased and several others have been gone for some time. Few Registrants seem to know of or care about this requirement.

November 24, 2008 9:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



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