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Archived updates for Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Patenting Paradox

"The Patenting Paradox, A game-based approach to improve patent management" by Arnaud GASNIER describes the tendency of many companies, research organizations and universities to patent more and more; but with little value is extracted from patents.

According to the book's publisher,
This behavior is called the “Patenting Paradox”. Why does it exist? What are its effects? How can this paradox be solved? This book addresses these issues. It provides both: models to better understand the complexity of patent management; and tools to help the firm navigate in the competitive environment. Current practices are illustrated with pertinent patent information.

This book also presents the results from a survey among 1,100 patent users, which explains the roots of the paradox in the firm. The book explores new ways to intervene in the firm based on gaming techniques. Games offer a simplified reality to understand complex systems, as well as a risk-free environment to explore new practices.

This book describes a new game on patents and three settings to use it to remedy the paradox and resolve three current concerns: raise awareness, improve collaboration and refine strategy. Experiments have been set up throughout Europe (Holland, France and Austria) among 160 graduates and professionals to show the effectiveness of such interventions. This book advises how firms could use these models, tools and interventions in-house.

Arnaud Gasnier is a patent practitioner with academic affiliation, and European patent attorney with 10 years of international experience in the industry and the research sector. He is also Assistant Professor in the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at the Delft University, Netherlands, with 10 years of teaching on patents at universities and more recently at the European Patent Academy.
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