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Archived updates for Thursday, January 31, 2008

TGIF for Ending a(n Attorney-Client) Relationship in Style

Got a conflict?
Need to end an attorney-client relationship?
Want to do it with style?
Then check out the "da Breakup Song,"a free service of Lady Raptastic, who says "Break up with someone by song! Type a name and pick two reasons why you are giving them the dump, then I will make a song you can preview right now an send to them."
"It's so strangely entertaining that it makes me feel disoriented," writes Sergey. You can also read The Lady's blog and listen to her podcasts here.
Thank Goodness It's Friday (and time for more wine, women and song),
p.s. - Thanks to "adj_xxx" on Yahoo Personals for abruptly "introducing me to The Lady" when I unkowingly sent an icebreaker to one of her friends. I too was strangely entertained, until I found out that she was serious, and got reoriented (with a few tripartite mottoes).
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