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Archived updates for Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Norway Joins EPC on January 1, 2008

The European Patent Convention will enter into force for Norway on January 1, 2008.
European patent applications filed on or after 1 January 2008 will include the designation of the new contracting state. It will not be possible to designate Norway retroactively in applications filed before that date. The designation of Norway at the time a PCT international application with a filing date prior to 1 January 2008 enters the European phase is also legally invalid.

To allow the new contracting state to be designated, however, the EPO will accord European patent applications filed in December 2007 the filing date of 1 January 2008 if the applicant expressly requests that filing date when filing the application.

Nationals of Norway and persons having their principal place of business or residence in Norway will also be entitled, as from 1 January 2008, to file international applications with the European Patent Office as receiving Office.
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