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Archived updates for Monday, November 26, 2007

Free 2008 Calender of Bizarre Patents

The PATSCAN Calendar of Bizarre Patents for 2008 is brought to you by PATEX Research and Consulting Ltd, a research company providing the intellectual property community with professional patent and trademark search services, operating under the PATSCAN trademark. According to the foreward to this year's edition:

To start off the New Year, the traditional PATSCAN calendar of bizarre patents presents some of the world’s most wonderful inventions, celebrating the human creativity that began when the first hominids banged rocks together to make tools. From the Stone Age to the Nuclear Age, some of the greatest advances in technology were weapons of war; possibly in this millennium we may see sustainable technologies turned towards survival of the planet and ourselves. Successful technologies are rare; even scientists in the great research corporations base a small percentage of successful inventions on a large number of failures. Often the most profitable inventions were accidents, such as "post-it" notes.

I salute the inventors of the world who have the courage to hitch their wagon to a star.

Ron Simmer
PATEX Research and Consulting Ltd.

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