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Archived updates for Thursday, September 13, 2007

TGIF for the Grand Waltz

On September 4, 2007, Nokia received U.S. Trademark Registration No. 3,288,274 for "a sound comprising a C eighth note, E flat eight note, B flat eighth note, G quarter note, C eighth note and C quarter note." You may recognize this ubiquitous tune from Francisco Tárrega's "Gran Vals:"

Known as "The Sarasate of the Guitar," Tárrega is considered to have laid the foundations for 20th century classical guitar and for increasing interest in the guitar as a recital instrument. Andrés Segovia used much of Tárrega's work when he took classical guitar into concert halls of Europe.

Click here to listen to the original Gran Vals for guitar.

Click here for a Turkish orchestral arrangement.

Teþekkür etmek mabut o be cuma (and time to waltz),

--Bill Heinze

p.s. - That last part is my best Turkish for "Thank Goodness It's Friday."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trademarks are only supposed to be enforced for distinguishing between two otherwise identical businesses or products, which is why the US still has both Domino's Pizza and Domino's Sugar. If that standard were applied, the short melody would only be used to defend against trademark infringement by other phone makers. If, however, Nokia starts filing DMCA notices or lawsuits against other uses of that melody, then we have a problem...but only then.

In the meantime, I am strangely hungry for a sugar pizza...

September 14, 2007 8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love eating pizza and is the best place I ever visited.

October 08, 2009 12:14 AM  
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