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Archived updates for Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Patently Tired of Getting Buttonholed? Want One Last Chance to File that IDS?

Corporate patent professionals -- are you tired of going to meetings and getting buttonholed at every turn by private-practice lawyers trying to stuff business cards into your pockets?

Would you like to attend a meeting where you are surrounded by other corporate patent professionals?

Where the topics are selected because they relate to corporate patent departments?

Where more experienced corporate patent professionals share their thoughts with newer professionals?

Where you could get the inside scoop on things like how to use the free "Partridge" software to learn about an impending Office Action a week before it shows up on the USPTO's new "eOA" system (thus giving you one last chance to hand in an IDS without fee)?

Here is the answer: The Forty-fourth annual Corporate Patent Seminar in Hilton Head SC. November 11–14, 2007.

Read about it at Sign up online.

Carl Oppedahl recommends it, and so do I. You can buttonhole him about that nifty little IDS trick while you're there. In fact, he posted most of this message on each of the various Listervs that he maintains.
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