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Archived updates for Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Trademark Fee Schedule Links

The IPR HelpDesk has compiled a list of links to the official fee schedules for Community trade marks, International trade marks, National trade marks. According to their recent paper,
In most of the countries, the payment of basic fees is a formal requirement for considering a trade mark application as filed. In order to proceed to the registration of a mark, a receipt of payment of the required fee needs to be attached to the submitted application form. Normally, trade mark maintenance fees are paid for 10 years of protection. After a decade, the right holder pays the so called renewal fee for the next period of protection. The fees depend on the number of classes (International (NICE) Classification of Goods and Services) of goods and services. There is a basic fee for the first three classes included in the specification. Additional fees are required for each class of goods and services exceeding three.
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