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Archived updates for Monday, August 28, 2006

Seventh Circuit Leads with RSS Feeds

Thanks to Robert Ambroji's Lawsites for pointing to an August 2006 in "The Third Branch" newsletter of the federal courts announcing the Seventh Circuit's inauguration of new RSS feeds of opinions and audio recordings of oral arguments at
Over a decade ago, the Seventh Circuit was the first federal circuit with a bulletin board, a type of pre-Internet system that allowed users to exchange
messages and read news over a phone line. The circuit was the first to require attorneys to submit briefs on floppy disks. They also were one of the first to make audio of arguments available online. With the addition of an RSS feed, audio of oral arguments is now available the same day, and the Seventh Circuit is again leading the way.
The Seventh Circuit is clearly out front when it comes to publishing. "We're just trying to make it easier for folks to get what they need," Clerk of Court Gino Agnello reportedly told Third Branch. Can the Federal Circuit be far behind?

Kudos to Mr. Agnello, and heads up to the Federal Circuit Bar Association.
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