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Archived updates for Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Protecting Your IPR in China

"Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in China A Practical Guide for U.S. Companies" has been prepared by the U.S. Department of Commerce as an introduction to China’s IPR environment. It describes methods for safeguarding and protecting IPR, outlines possible enforcement actions available in China’s IPR enforcement regime, and explains the limited role of the United States Government in IPR infringement cases, including

For more on China, check out the "IP Dragon ?????" and the DOC's more-comprehensive China Business Guides.

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Blogger ChinaLawBlog said...

This is good stuff and although somewhat old, is, for the most part pretty current. Why are you choosing to post this now? Is there anything new in these?

July 20, 2006 1:54 AM  

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