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Archived updates for Thursday, May 18, 2006

USPTO Requests Comments on Search Templates

On May 16, 2006, the USPTO issued a request for comments on its patent search templates.

These search templates define the field of search, search tools, and search methodologies that should be considered each time a patent application is examined in a particular classification.
The USPTO has published templates’ for each of the classes found in the USPTO’s Manual of Classification.

A search template will define the search field and resource areas of general subject matter, classes/ subclasses, patent documents (both domestic and foreign) and Non-Patent Literature that an examiner should consider each time a patent application is examined in a particular classification. Additionally, the search template will indicate what search tools or methodologies should be considered when performing the search. These search templates are based upon input from patent examiners and other searchers at the USPTO and represent an attempt to capture their institutional knowledge of what are the most relevant prior art searches for determining the patentability of subject matter in the area of technology.

In an effort to ensure that each classification has an appropriately structured field of search and search strategy, the USPTO has published the search templates on the USPTO’s Internet Web site at The USPTO is publishing this request for comments to gather public feedback on the adequacy and completeness of the search templates.
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