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Archived updates for Friday, May 12, 2006

EPO Examiner Strike

According to Ingrid Marson writing for ZDNet UK "Wolfgang Manntz, the chair of the Berlin branch of the EPO staff union, told ZDNet UK that a half-day strike was held in Munich and a full-day strike in Berlin. . . . A spokesman for the EPO confirmed the strike had taken place and said it had been "followed by a large majority of EPO staff."

According to Alison Abbott writing for on May 9, 2006, the strike was called because
The EPO is planning to introduce a new system of assessing their work next
year. . . . Rather than simply accumulating 'points' for each file
completed, examiners will be graded against objectives, agreed with their
line-manager, that take into account more aspects of the examining
process. . . . Further actions may be planned.
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