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Archived updates for Monday, May 01, 2006

Commission Hearing on Future Patent Policy in Europe

Following the launch of a public consultation on future patent policy in Europe, the European Commission's Directorate General for Internal Market and Services is hosting an Open Hearing in Brussels on 13th June 2006.

The Commission will present a document outlining the preliminary findings of the consultation based on replies received until 12 April 2006. Moreover, results of a study on the economic and social value of patents in today's economy will be presented. The aim of the hearing is to initiate the second phase of the consultation and at the end of which the Commission will present its views on the future patent policy in Europe.

The deadline for registration expires on 5th May 2006. Due to very high level of interest in the consultation and the expected demand for participation in the hearing on one hand, and limited number of places available on the other, DG Internal Market cannot guarantee that it will be able to satisfy every request for participation. They intend to confirm participation by 22 May 2006.
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