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Archived updates for Friday, March 31, 2006

PCT Updates

EPO Search Fee Increase

The amount of the search fee for the EPO to act as the International Searching Authority will increase to $1925, effective April 1, 2006. The revised PCT Fee Schedule will be posted at

Certain Rules, Forms, Publications

PCT Rule 4.9(b) was amended effective April 1, 2006. Germany, Japan, Republic of Korea, and Russian Federation have notified the IB that Rule 4.9(b) shall apply in respect to the designation of their country. Consequently, the new Request form (April 2006 version) includes a revised Box V to allow applicants to exclude the designations of Japan, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, and/or Germany.

PCT Rule 48.2 has been amended to provide that Rule 4.17 declarations will be published with the international application. This change applies to international applications published on or after April 1, 2006.

International publication of international applications filed under the PCT, any republications of previously published international applications, and the PCT Gazette will be published wholly in electronic form. This change applies to the publications and issues of the Gazette published on or after April 1, 2006 and are available on WIPO Internet site

PCT Time Limit Calculator

WIPO has made available a web-based PCT Time Limit Calculator for assisting applicants in the computing of essential PCT time limits and full explanations of all the time limits. The Calculator is available free of charge on WIPO Internet site
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