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Archived updates for Tuesday, March 21, 2006

China Releases IPR Action Plan for 2006

On March 14, 2006, the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office released an English language translation of "China’s plan on IPR Protection Action 2006." Among other things the plan includes eight "large-scale centralized propagandizing activities:"
  1. To hold Exhibition on Achievement of China’s Intellectual Property Right Protection during 20th to 27th April at Beijing Military Museum.
  2. To cooperate with concerned departments to launch the campaign of Propaganda Week for Intellectual Property Right Protection during 20th to 26th April. ??
  3. To organize overseas media reporters to interview our performance on intellectual property right protection. ??
  4. The public security department will take in the form of holding press conference, centralized destroying pirates publication and goods to go on large-scale propaganda positively in April and August. ??
  5. To launch the campaign of 8th Audio and Video Market Legal Propaganda national widely in the last ten days of April. ??
  6. To organize central news media to research and interview deeply at local and enterprises, to propagandize some typical samples who rely on their own independent intellectual property right and some typical cases of IPR protection. ??
  7. To research and interview hot topic and focusing issues of intellectual property right, to attract the attention from society, to find out effective settlements, such as concerning non-official inventor, facilitating conversion from patent to technology and elevating IPR awareness amongst young people. ??
  8. While preparing for “CCTV 2006 Innovation Ceremony” Awarding Evening, to try launching more campaigns to encourage innovation in order to enhance the impact of IPR system.
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Anonymous China Law Blog said...

China is definitely increasing its efforts to protect IP and its publicizing those efforts is a very real start. It is also firming up the laws and setting up structures to make it easier to sue for violations. Slowly, but surely, things are indeed getting better.

March 24, 2006 7:42 PM  

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