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Archived updates for Friday, January 20, 2006

Free Foreign Patent Filing and PCT Reminder Service

Thanks to Steve Nipper at the Invent Blog for pointing to Pipers's has a PCT REMINDER service which was
created to provide a free automated web-based reminder service for patent
attorneys and IP Management Departments around the world. It is designed so that
those important milestones in a PCT application (or an originating priority
application for that matter) can be tracked easily and simply and acted upon as
At Piperpat, they enter the priority date shortly after filing the application and PCT Reminder sends them reminders at the priority date plus 6 months, plus 9 months, plus 12 months, so that they can review developments with their client at the relevant time, and have ample time to prepare the PCT or other specification before the expiration of the 12 month priority period.

Here's what it looks like for a first application filed on January 19, 2006:

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