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Archived updates for Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Why Patent Owners Like Marshall Texas

According to Peter Zura's Two-Seventy-One Patent Blog, "Since 1994, patent owners have prevailed in 88 percent of all jury trials and 75 percent of bench trials in Marshall, according to a survey by LegalMetric, a St. Louis company that analyzed the patent cases tried in the courtrooms of the current judges. Nationwide, these figures are 68 percent for jury trials and 47 percent for bench trials."

Click here for things to see and do in Marshall when the court's in recess.
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Anonymous Jonathan said...

There are other favorable forums with the same "Rocket Docket" as Marshall, Texas.

For instance, Texarkana, Texas also has a Rocket Docket and a favorable patent forum for patent litigation.

Perhaps, there are fun things to do in Texarkana...

Thanks for reading my comment!


December 07, 2005 3:26 PM  

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