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Archived updates for Monday, October 10, 2005

Working with Your Patent Expert

According to Bob Ambrogi writing for the Bullseye "experts rag" from IMS Services, there are many reasons why it can be useful for an expert to meet directly with the inventors or other technical employees of the client, together with counsel, during a patent litigation:

Primary among them is that the discussion can provide the expert with information of a type - both in depth and quality - that would not otherwise be available from review of the documents or deposition transcripts. In addition, pairing the expert with the inventors can help to identify important issues that may arise during the prosecution of the litigation and to develop responses or solutions to those issues.There is another, less-obvious benefit to arranging a meeting between the expert and the inventors. It can help the expert become even more confident in his or her conclusions -- and for the client to develop confidence in the expert.
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