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Archived updates for Friday, September 30, 2005

U.S. Losing Support on Opposition to WIPO Development Agenda

According to William New writing for "Intellectual Property Watch" on September 29, 2005, the United States appears to be isolated in its insistence that discussions on the development agenda be moved to the WIPO Permanent Committee on Cooperation for Development Related to Intellectual Property (PCIPD). Reporting from the World Intellectual Property Organisation General Assembly running through October 6, new also adds

Developing countries have resisted the PCIPD proposal out of concern that it would marginalise the development agenda, which they argue cuts across core areas at WIPO.

The United States argued in a floor statement Thursday that WIPO has not ignored development concerns and that intellectual property does not hinder development. The earlier Intersessional Intergovernmental Meeting (IIM) meetings have not provided a forum for an in-depth examination of all proposals, and that no consensus has emerged on any of the proposals put forward in the IIM, the U.S. delegate said.

The U.S. further said it supports a “frank exchange of views” and work to respond to developing country needs, but that the IIM process “was a compromise, time-limited, and reached the end of its mandate at the end of July 2005.” The time has come for a permanent forum to discuss the issues, and the PCIPD would be the best as it could be easily converted, it said.

“Despite our belief that WIPO is not, and should not become, a core development body, we do support WIPO improving its efforts, within its core competencies to bring the benefits of IP to all of its member states,” the U.S. delegate said, adding that this could be added to the PCIPD mandate.

Get more details on the WIPO Genral Assembly from EFF's Depp Links Blog.
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