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Archived updates for Friday, August 26, 2005

Time to Retool Your Legal Research Toolkit?

In "Blend Your Legal Research," (Law Technology News, July 2005), David Whelan explains why now may be a terrific time to retool your legal research toolkit with "mid-tier" legal research services:

"They include Fastcase Inc. (; Inc. (Wolters Kluwer) (; VersusLaw Inc. (; and the bar association consortium product, Casemaker ( What unites these products is inexpensive access to primary case and statutory law. In some cases, the service is free with a bar association membership. . . ."

"Casemaker boasts more than 20 state bar associations using its product — and four more on the way — with each state bar paying for, and selecting, the jurisdictions they want included. . . . Fastcase, Loislaw, and VersusLaw all offer 50 state case law and statutes, and federal case law and statutes. But just as with Casemaker, a firm can access just the parts they want."

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