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Archived updates for Thursday, August 25, 2005

Myhrvold on Invention without Production

Microsoft's former Chief Technologist and current CEO of Intellectual Ventures, Nathan Myhrvold, reportedly told told the Progress & Freedom Foundation's annual conference on Tuesday that "before you get worked up about this gigantic [patent troll] problem, you ought to see what the facts are."

According to Declan McCullagh, writing for CNET in ZDNet News on August 23, 2005, Myhrvold also said that "Almost everything you have heard about patent litigation statistics is not true. Patents are the least litigious part of intellectual property law. There isn't any hard data to support [the view that this is a problem]. This is a great example of people having a bunch of anecdotes . . . I don't see that it's wrong to invent without making products."

Read more about "patent trolls" and other such "patent Foolishness."
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