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Archived updates for Tuesday, August 09, 2005

CASRIP Comparative Patent Law Table

The Center for Advanced Study and Reserach on Intellectual Property (CASRIP) at the University of Washington School of Law has published a "Comparative Patent Law Table" with topically organized links to information on US, European, and Japanese patent law.

CASRIP is an independent research and policy development institute focusing on problems in patent and other property ownership rights in the products of high technology. The center is operated by three directors who are faculty of rank at the University of Washington School of Law: Toshiko Takenaka, Director, is a Professor of Law; Bob Gomulkiewicz, Associate Director, is an Associate Professor of Law; Sean O'Connor, Associate Director, is an Assistant Professor of Law. Ten JD research associates and six research fellows also work for CASRIP.

CASRIP may be compared to the distinguished Max-Planck Institute for Patent, Copyright, and Unfair Competition Law in Munich, Germany. Relying on the University of Washington's rich history of United States-Japan comparative study, and on its major research departments on health sciences, computer science, and engineering, it focusses on the problems associated with high technology and the Pacific Rim countries, particularly the United States and Japan.

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