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Archived updates for Friday, July 08, 2005

TGIF for Student Inventors

"Inventions and Patents" is the first of World Intellectual Property Organization's "Learn from the Past, Create the Future!" series of publications aimed at young students.

According to the Teacher Notes section, the publication can be used to supplement science curricula, especially in relation to science fair projects. The "Think about it" sections can be a starting point for class discussions on the subject of inventions and patents, while the "Patent Journey" game was designed as a fun way for
groups of students to review what they have learned. It may also be freely photocopied for classroom use.

For older students, check out the Collegiate Inventors Competition, and learn what you get when you combine a zebra with a numbering stamp.

Thank Goodness It's Friday,

--Bill Heinze (e-mail, v-card)
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