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Archived updates for Monday, July 11, 2005

Other Upcoming TEAS Enhancements

In addition to the "TEAS-Plus Form" debuting on July 18, 2005, here are some other Trademark Electronic Application System ("TEAS") enhancements that are also in the works at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office:

Expanded Image File Types

Currently, the USPTO's Trademark Electronic Application System ("TEAS") will only accept the attachment of image files that are in the JPG format. In response to customer requests, the Office of the Chief Information Officer is continuing to explore possible future technical changes to the TEAS environment, which would allow for the attachment of other image files types, e.g., PDF files. However, should this prove possible, other file types would be acceptable only for 1) specimens; 2) evidence; 3) foreign registration certificates; and 4) consents. Mark images would still be accepted only as a JPG file. Also, submission of an overall, entire response as, e.g., a PDF file, would not be permitted.

Response to Office Action Form and Suspensions

Edits on the Response to Office Action (ROA) form had been preventing use of this TEAS form to respond either to a Suspension letter or a Suspension Inquiry letter. These edits have now been removed from the ROA form, so applicants can now file a TEAS ROA, either to submit a jpg image file of the foreign registration certificate, or to notify the examining attorney that the foreign registration certificate has not yet issued, or the proceeding has not yet concluded (or, whatever is the basis for the suspension), and that the examining attorney should, once again, suspend the application.

Sound Marks and Electronic Filing

Although the filing of sounds marks electronically does require some "exception processing," these can be done through TEAS. The sound mark specimen, consisting of a WAV file or MP3 file, can be sent as an e-mail attachment directly to the TEAS Support Team, at However, because the TEAS form will require a JPG attachment for the specimen, the applicant must still create a JPG file for this purpose; but, it will merely consist of a statement that "A WAV file (or MP3 file) has been sent directly to the TEAS Support Team for processing." For easier association of the WAV (or MP3) file with the proper application, the applicant should submit the actual application first, and then reference in the e-mail to the TEAS Support Team the assigned serial number and an indication that this is a "new application." All other filings (e.g., an Allegation of Use, a Section 8, etc.) should be done in the same manner, with the serial number or registration number referenced in the e-mail, and a clear indication of the type of filing.
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