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Archived updates for Thursday, July 28, 2005

New Registered Community Design Search Capabilities Coming Soon

According to the latest issue of Alicante News, European Registered Community Design records will soon be fully searchable based on the bibliographic data (filing date, RCD number, products, Locarno classification), verbal elements contained in the design, and figurative elements using the Vienna Classification. "RCD-Online will be soon be available at (in English only – other linguistic versions will be available later)."

This news is significant because the Community Design Bulletin is currently searchable with only simple text queries. Since it can not be searched by date or classification, it has not been particularly useful for prior art and/or infringement clearance investigations. Hopefully, this will change when RCD-Online becomes available.

Click here for more information from Europe's "OHIM" on "Design protection of brand symbols - a useful alternative to trade mark protection?"

Click here for more information on "Regulations to Amend Implementing Regulation and Fees Regulation for Community Trade Marks – Amendments Enter into Force on 25 July 2005."

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