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Archived updates for Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Today is World Intellectual Property Day

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, World Intellectual Property Day provides an opportunity to reflect on how intellectual property (IP) touches all aspects of our lives: How copyright helps bring music to our ears and art, films and literature before our eyes; how industrial design helps shape our world, and how trademarks provide reliable signs of quality; how patenting helps promote ingenious inventions that make life easier, faster, safer – and sometimes completely change our way of living.

"These things are often taken for granted; there is little public awareness of
the connection between human creativity and intellectual property in daily life.
Although most people have heard of copyright, patents and trademarks, many view
them simply as business or legal concerns, with little effect on their own
lives. World Intellectual Property Day provides an ideal opportunity to improve
public understanding of – and respect for – creativity, innovation, and the
intellectual property system by demonstrating their importance in daily life."

Here are a few things that that they suggest to celebrate this year's World Intellectual Property Day:
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