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Archived updates for Friday, April 15, 2005

TGIF (Belatedly) for Paul Winchell,

noted ventriloquist, singer, voice-over artist, and inventor of U.S. Patent No. 3,129,001 for an "Inverted Novelty Mask" issued on this (yester)day in 1964:

According to his official website, "very few people know that 'Winch'-as he is called-was also the first person to present the disposable razor to the public. Skeptics thought his disposable idea was crazy. "No one would buy a product and then throw it away", they said but how wrong they were. Unfortunately, at the time Paul put too much stock in the views of others and dropped the project. Another company applied the same concept and made billions on a product that is used worldwide today."

Makes you wonder how much he made off of the mask. . . .

Thank Goodness It's Friday,

--Bill Heinze
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