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Archived updates for Monday, March 21, 2005

NFL Bans Words on Official Jerseys

I understand the National Football League has the right to control what goes on its officially licensed products and applaud them removing “gay� from the list after realizing the absurdity of, in essence, singling out one of its players. (Although a reader points out that you can't buy a Jets jersey with "TONGUE" on it, even though there is a Jets player named Reggie Tongue. This shows how dumb their filter is). But it still rankles to see “Lesbian� on a list of banned words and to realize that at some point “gay� was considered off-limits. Masonson did not know the inner workings of how the list was compiled or updated. -- Jim Buzinski, writing at on March 2, 2005.

Click here for the list of 1,159 banned words on jerseys. Warning! Not for the squeamish.
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