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Archived updates for Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Alicante News Discusses Community Design Registration and Invalidity

According to European Trademarks and Designs Newsletter No. 4 from the Office for Harmonization of the Internal Market (OHIM) from the the the Designs Department at the OHIM wants you to know that it "cares about your application, its smooth registration and error-free publication:"

The Department is made of a sort of a “melting-pot� of 25 people coming from
different countries with their own cultures, approach to situations, different
languages and so on. In spite of these differences they are able to behave as an
efficient and harmonized body. The examiners speak on average three languages
each and are able to treat applications from numerous different countries. Many
languages are spoken in the course of everyday work. Since May 2004, the whole
Office has been working in 20 languages (for forms and letters: altogether, in
2004, a total of 32,300 letters were generated and sent) and in June 2004, the
first design was published in 20 languages
Click here to learn more about how they process, register and publish your design. Click here to learn more about their invalidity division.
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