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Archived updates for Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A Video Introduction to the Patent System

"A Video Introduction to the Patent System" is available from the Federal Judicial Center here. According to their website,

This free, 17-minute video from October 2002 is designed to be shown to jurors in patent jury trials. It contains important background information intended to help jurors understand what patents are, why they are needed, how inventors get them, the role of the Patent and Trademark Office, and why disputes over patents arise.

"An Introduction to the Patent System" was developed with the assistance of an advisory committee of district judges and patent attorneys. Special care was taken to ensure that it provides an impartial and objective view of the patent process. It is, however, up to the individual trial judge to decide whether or not to use this video in patent jury trials. The Center is simply making it available as a resource.

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