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Archived updates for Monday, January 10, 2005

Move Your Patent Prosecution South to Atlanta

"Move your legal work to low cost firms located in the Midwest, South or other regions away from high cost centers. Doesn't sound like technology here, but it is. Extranets provide ways for companies to work with firms across the country (and the world ). Web-based worksites are always open, always on. Work flow tools -- putting the right person in the right order at the right time -- can dramatically improve productivity and reduce costs. For example, patent prosecution works well for this model -- and if the client uses an online patent application tool for its employees, connecting to the firms that do the work, clients improve the patent prosecution for the company and the firms make more money through an increase in patent filings." -- Laura Owen, Director of Worldwide Legal Services at Cisco Systems, writing in the January 4, 2005 issue of Law Technology News.
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