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Archived updates for Tuesday, December 14, 2004

What it Takes to Be a Famous Mark

This October 2004 Report by the INTA Dilution Committee addresses what is required for a mark to be found famous in the context of a claim for trademark dilution. Other reports that were prepared under the auspices of the INTA as groundwork for the introduction of a dilution reform bill in early 2005 include

Defenses to a Dilution Claim Under the FTDA
Proof of Dilution in the United States
U.S. State Dilution Laws
Summary of State Dilution Cases
The Protection of Well-Known Marks in the European Union, Canada and the MiddleEast
Appendix A - Summaries of Key OHIM Decisions
Appendix B - Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden
Appendix C - Benelux, Ireland, United Kingdom
Appendix D - France, Germany, Italy, Spain
Appendix E - Hungary, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia
Appendix F - Norway, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland
Appendix G - Bahrain, Egypt, Gaza, Israel
The Protection of Well-Known Marks in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Africa
Asia-Pacific and Africa

Latin America

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