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Archived updates for Friday, December 10, 2004

More About On-Line Fraud Management

According to their website, Symantec believes that current high levels of brand spoofing, phishing, and identity theft call for a multi-pronged approach to on-line fraud management including these components:
  • An email fraud detection, filtering, and alerting network
  • Online customer education
  • A desktop security assessment capability for customers of financial institutions
  • The means for customers to acquire the products and services needed to improve their level of protection

"Central to the success of any anti-fraud program is the ability to intercept fraudulent email before it reaches the mailboxes of potential victims. In broad outline, this means working with ISPs and monitoring the Internet for fraudulent email, identifying fraud attacks, and deploying anti-fraud rules in the form of continually updated filters that block fraudulent messages from reaching consumers. Financial institutions must be promptly alerted when an attack is under way so that they can set in motion incidence response procedures."

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