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Archived updates for Monday, December 13, 2004

Germans Register Community Designs While Americans Register Community Trademarks

According to the first newsletter of the European Office for the Harmonization of the Internal Market, or OHIM, about 71,000 Registered Community Designs have been processed during the first two years of operation with less than 1% being rejected.

The ownership of these "RCDs" is concentrated in the hands of applicants from western countries. Applicants from EU Member States own 77% of Community designs and five countries (Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, France and Spain) represent 65% of the designs filed. It is also interesting to note that, at the top of the ranking, there is a clear difference between the profile of Community Trademark owners (25% are of US origin) and the profile of RCD owners (25% are of German origin).

The ownership of RCDs is also concentrated into a relatively small number of industries. Nearly 80% of designs are concentrated in 13 Locarno classes and the five industries which use the system most represent 40% of design applications: namely furnishing (6), packaging (09), clothing (02), fluid distribution equipment (23) and household goods (7). These reflect the national or international levels of design registration.

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Click here for general information about design registrations in the European Community.
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