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Archived updates for Monday, December 13, 2004

Free Fillable PDF Patent Application Fee Transmittal

When was the last time your lawyer gave you anything for free?

In appreciation of your support, I/P Updates is offering readers a free Patent Application "Fee Transmittal for FY 2005" Form PTO/SB/17 which includes the changes announced on Decmebr 8, 2004. The form is in "fillable PDF" format so that it can be filled out and saved using Adobe Acrobat. It also includes automatic date entry, fee calculation and tabulation, and a saved filename footer for ease of use.

Just drop me a line at If you include your deposit account name and number, along with the names and registration numbers of attorneys and/or agents who are authorized to use the account(s), then we will also add drop down lists with that additional information. (If you're with the Patent Office, we'll leave that stuff blank so that you can post it on your forms page.)

Keep in mind that if you are reading I/P Updates, then you should also have enough sense to be able USE THE FORM AT YOUR OWN RISK. Nonetheless, if you have problems or suggestions for improvement, then please let me know so that I can send you a revised form, and update my own.

Thanks again for reading, and don't forget tell your friends and colleagues about the I/P Updates service with "News and Information for Intellectual Property Practitioners."
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