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Archived updates for Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Role of Registers and Databases in the Protection of Traditional Knowledge

This report
from the United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies provides an analysis of a number of case studies of existing databases and registers that have been developed to document traditional knowledge, identifying their effectiveness, possibilities and limitations for securing the protection of traditional knowledge.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Bill,

Thanks for posting out TK report on your site. We got about 500 hits on our site seeking the report as a result. Your interest in our work is much appreciated. We look forward to sending along new works as they become available. I’m copying Giulio Quaggiotto who is responsible for our communications and outreach and who brought the information on your blog to my attention. I’m sure he’ll be getting in touch with you as well.

Once again thanks for your interest and well done with the blogging (as an Irishman that word doesn’t actually trip lightly off the tongue, in fact it gives rise to visions of blogaurds, but it seems I’ll have to review my perceptions of the service provider). So if I find it hard to say happy blogging as a salutation, let me a least say Happy Christmas.

Best regards


Brendan Tobin
Biodiplomacy Intitiative
Institute of Advanced Studies
United Nations University

December 09, 2004 11:42 AM  

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