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Archived updates for Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Public Domain a Wasteland of Works?

According to Tom Giovanetti, President of the Institute for Policy Innovation, "The free culture movement asserts that strong intellectual property protection inhibits incremental innovation, and that ownership tempts owners to horde intellectual property and to keep it away from the public. But these assertions are obviously false. It is precisely ownership of intellectual property that makes it widely available."

"The much-vaunted public domain is better viewed as a vast wasteland of works unknown and practically unavailable, because no one has an incentive to make them available. Policymakers should [therefore] resist the call of the free culture movement to give favorable treatment to free culture products under the assumption they are somehow economically or morally superior. Let free culture proponents try to compete. But in the meantime, it would be foolish to weaken or undermine the property-rights model of innovation - the model that continues delivering incredible benefits to society."
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