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Archived updates for Thursday, November 11, 2004

JPO Publishes Case Studies of the Procedures under the New Employee Invention System

Japanese law provides the right to demand payment of "adequate remuneration" to the employees who have actually created the invention, in return for allowing the employers to succeed to the right to obtain a patent or the right to a patent granted or the establishment of an exclusive license for the employers. This right is granted in order to encourage inventions by ensuring that employees receive remuneration for the assigning of patent rights.

According to the introduction, "These case studies [in English] have been compiled by the Japanese Patent Office in a form of questions and answers referring to the procedural cases collected from industrial/labor world or universities and hearing from the opinions of the intellectuals of the Patent System Subcommittee. They were compiled by the Patent Office to clarify the legal purport of the new employee invention system and offer the cases to which parties concerned can refer in taking the procedure so that the procedure according to the new system can be smoothly taken."
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