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Archived updates for Friday, October 29, 2004

Olympic Trademark Treaty Update

The Nairobi Treaty on the Protection of the Olympic Symbol will enter into force in the Kyrgyz Republic on November 18, 2004 and in the Republic of Croatia on November 20, 2004. Article 1 of the treaty states
Any State party to this Treaty shall be obliged, subject to Articles 2 and 3, to refuse or to invalidate the registration as a mark and to prohibit by appropriate measures the use, as a mark or other sign, for commercial purposes, of any sign consisting of or containing the Olympic symbol, as defined in the Charter of the International Olympic Committee, except with the authorization of the International Olympic Committee. The said definition and the graphic representation of the said symbol are reproduced in the Annex.

The newest signatories bring the total for the Nairobi treaty up to 58. Although the U.S. has not signed, the United States Olympic Committee vigorously enforces its trademarks in the U.S.
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