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Archived updates for Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Dudas Outlines Patent E-Filing Strategy

In an October 15, 2004 speech to the AIPLA, Commissioner Dudas outlined the USPTO's current strategy for improving the patent e-filing system:

"In September of this year, the office held a one-day patent electronic filing forum at the new Alexandria headquarters for the USPTO to listen to your e-filing concerns. Electronic filing is going to be critical to the success of our office and our intellectual property system in the future. In attendance, were 39 external customers representing major corporations, major law firms and intellectual property organizations from throughout the country. The purpose of the forum was to allow our stakeholders to give input and help formulate a strategic plan to increase electronic filing by our customers. We heard you tell us three things: make it simple, make it safe, and make it happen.

"You told us to make it simple by developing a fast and secure web-based portal system for e-filing that requires no client software, allows for PDF file formats and e-filing of document types, other than just applications. You told us to make it safe by providing a certificate of e-filing rule change similar to the current certificate of mailing practice, and you told us to make it happen by partnering with our patent and trademark stakeholders to develop an e-filing strategic plan and to maintain the relationship after a new system is in place so future modifications can be made to meet your changing needs.

"The USPTO is working to make it happen right now by scheduling, this month, initial discussion towards the development of a common USPTO web-based portal for patent e-filing with a number of important and potential contractors. With your thoughts, suggestions and ideas, the USPTO will gain the insight we need to make e-filing safe, efficient, widely used and make it a system that you want that you will use."
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