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Archived updates for Wednesday, October 13, 2004

DOJ I/P Task Force Issues Recommendations

On October 12, 2004, Attorney General John Ashcroft and U. S. Attorney Debra W. Yang announced, the "Report of the Department of Justice's Task Force on Intellectual Property" with the following

Criminal Enforcement Recommendations:

  1. Expand the CHIP Program by Adding Five New Units
  2. Reinforce and Expand CHIP Units in Key Regions
  3. Designate Chip Coordinators in Every Federal Prosecutor's Office
  4. Examine the Need To Increase CCIPS Resources
  5. Increase the Number of FBI Agents Assigned To Intellectual Property Investigations
  6. Increase FBI Personnel Assigned to Search for Digital Evidence
  7. Target Large, Complex Criminal Organizations that Commit Intellectual Property Crimes
  8. Enhance Training Programs for Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Agents
  9. Prosecute Aggressively Intellectual Property Offenses that Endanger the Public's Health or Safety
  10. Emphasize Charging of Intellectual Property Offenses
  11. Enhance Victim Education Programs and Increase Cooperation
  12. Issue Internal Guidance to Federal Prosecutors Regarding How Victims Can Assist Prosecutors in Intellectual Property Cases

International Cooperation Recommendations:

  1. Deploy Intellectual Property Law Enforcement Coordinators to Asia And Eastern Europe
  2. Co-Locate FBI Intellectual Property Legal Attaches to Asia and Eastern Europe
  3. Increase the Use of Informal Contacts to Gather Evidence from Foreign Countries
  4. Enhance Intellectual Property Training Programs For Foreign Prosecutors and Law Enforcement
  5. Prioritize Negotiations for Legal Assistance Treaties
  6. Prioritize Negotiations and Include Intellectual Property Crimes in Extradition Treaties
  7. Emphasize Intellectual Property Enforcement during Discussions with Foreign Governments

Civil Enforcement Recommendations:

  1. Support Civil Enforcement of Intellectual Property Laws by Owners of Intellectual Property Rights

Antitrust Enforcement Recommendations:

  1. Support the Rights of Intellectual Property Owners to
    Determine Independently Whether to License their Technology
  2. Encourage the Use of the Justice Department's
    Business Review Procedure
  3. Promote International Cooperation on the Application of Antitrust Laws to Intellectual Property Rights

"Intellectual property theft is a clear danger to our economy and the health, safety, and security of the American people," said the Attorney General when the reccomendadtions were announced. "The enforcement of our intellectual property laws is among the highest priorities of the Justice Department, and I created the Intellectual Property Task Force to explore ways for us to strengthen our protection of the nation's valuable intellectual resources. With the recommendations put forward by the Task Force, the Department is prepared to build the strongest, most aggressive legal assault against intellectual property crime in our nation's history."

"I am confident that our nation's creative and intellectual resources will be better protected when the recommendations of the Task Force report are implemented. The Justice Department will have additional tools to fight movie theft and product counterfeiting," echoed U.S. Attorney Yang. "With the increased protection and new law enforcement resources, our nation's intellectual property will continue to enhance our daily lives and play a role in the continued growth of the American economy."

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