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Archived updates for Friday, October 15, 2004

Co-Opt an Idea at

According to their website,
"Idea cradle provides tools to fund and manage a project co-operatively. Browse the ideas and when you find an idea you like, just click to support it. Support is free, and shows your intention to contribute when there are enough supporters. Ideas with enough supporters get funded and become co-operatives controlled by the vote of the supporters.

Why use idea cradle ?

for charity - make donation personal by tying it to a specific project the donor has control of- build relationships and engage donors to educate and promote

for co-operatives - democratically participate in a co-operative on the web with meetings, newsletters, elections, polls

for open source - start user based software bounties- manage development and implementation

for creative minds - publish an idea and use our tools to raise funds and build community starting today

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