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Archived updates for Thursday, September 23, 2004

Snooping in the Not-So-Time-Honored Tradition

According to a July 30 article in BusinessWeek, Yi Bin Zhu was reportedly discovered after hours on June 23 at the SuperComm show in Fujitsu's booth removing the casing from a $1 million piece of networking gear and taking photos of the circuit boards inside. Zhu was wearing a badge saying he worked for an unknown company called "Weihua" (Huawei, with the syllables in reverse order). He has since said that it was the first time he had attended a U.S. trade show, and that he did not know photography was prohibited.

According to the article "The Zhu incident surely isn't the worst thing that has ever happened on a trade-show floor, where checking out the competition's new gear under the guise of a friend's badge is a time-honored tradition."
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