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Archived updates for Friday, September 24, 2004

Keeping the Faith at 500

The city of Florence, Italy is throwing a two-month party to celebrate the 500th posting of "I/P Updates," along with the 500th birthday of Michelangelo's "David." Five centuries ago, the famed sculptor and painter unveiled his interpretation of the biblical hero which now draws more than 1 million admirers a year. Likewise, five months ago, a lesser-known intellectual property advocate and counselor launched his exegesis of news and information for intellectual property practioners which now has considerably less than 1 million subscribers. In the bible, David is credited with overcoming a giant named Goliath, using nothing more than his slingshot. I/P Updates can only hope to acheive a similar pique of audacity within the intellectual property community, using nothing more than a blog.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bill. Keep up the good work. -- Dennis

September 22, 2004 3:57 PM  

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