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Archived updates for Thursday, September 23, 2004

IT Conversations: The INDUCE Act 2.0 - Law and IT

The Inducing Infringements of Copyright Act of 2004, commonly called the INDUCE Act, is a bill before the Senate that is ostensibly meant to make it easier for the copyright industry to sue the distributors of technology that can be used for filesharing. Those who distribute certain technologies or devices could be found guilty for the copyright violations of their users. It is difficult to overestimate the effect this legislation would have on the IT industry. This show, recorded on September 16, 2004, discusses the original bill as well as various alternatives with host Ernest Miller, and guests Andrew Greenberg, an attorney with Carlton Fields and Vice-Chairman of the Intellectual Property Committee for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; Joseph Wattles, past president of the Los Angeles Copyright Society and the former acting general counsel of Paramount Pictures Corporation.
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