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Archived updates for Monday, August 09, 2004

UKPO Seeks Comments on Patent Translation Agreement

Under the so-called "London Agreement," EPO States may waive their right under Article 65 of the European patent Convention to require a full translation of European patent specifications (including the claims) into one of that State's official languages. States with an official language in common with an EPO language (English, French and German) will be required to dispense with translations requirements while States without an EPO language as one of their official languages can require that the claims be translated into one of their official languages. In either case, the Agreement allows States to insist that the patentee provide a translation in case of a dispute.

The Agreement will only enter into force when 8 signatories including France, Germany and the UK have ratified it. To date, Denmark, Slovenia, Monaco have ratified, and Germany has adopted amendments to patent law in line with the London Agreement which will come into force three months after the Agreement has been ratified.

Responses are welcome from anyone in the UK or abroad who is interested in the operation of the intellectual property system in the UK or in Europe or those with an interest in translations, but especially from those who have been, are, or expect to be users of the system. Responses are due by November 30, 2004.
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