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Archived updates for Friday, August 27, 2004

TGIF for the "Interrobang Comma"

According to the abstract of WIPO Patent Publication No. WO9219458,
Using two new punctuation marks, the question comma and the exclamation comma: and respectively, inquisitiveness and exclamation may be expressed within a written sentence structure, so that thoughts may be more easily and clearly conveyed to readers. The new punctuation marks are for use within a written sentence between words as a comma, but with more feeling or inquisitiveness. This affords an author greater choice of method of punctuating, e.g., to reflect spoken language more closely. Moreover, the new punctuation fits rather neatly into the scheme of things, simply filling a gap, with a little or no explanation needed. Also, the interabang comma if the interabang is available. An example of usage follows. Readers encountering their first question comma in print may silently remark: "Clever (! + ? + , =) funny I never saw one of those before".

But don't laugh too hard; you may already be infringing.

Thank Goodness It's Friday especially in New Zealand

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