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Archived updates for Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Jonathan Schwartz on Proprietary Software (Patentability?)

"[A] server without an operating system is a space heater." writes Jonathan Schwartz, CEO - Sun Microsystems, on August 16, 2004. "To me, HP's problems spawn from the death of... their operating system, HP/UX. Like IBM, they've elected to ask their customers and ISV's to move to Red Hat Linux or Microsoft Windows on x86 systems. And if you're an ISV, how does that differentiate HP? - they're a box vendor. If you're a customer, where does that leave you with your HP/UX investments? Facing untimely change - with a vendor no longer in charge of their OS. . . . And while HP stumbles into that reality, our commitment to Solaris (did I mention we're open sourcing it - check out highlights the demise of HP/UX."
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