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Archived updates for Friday, August 20, 2004

Corporate Counsel Describe Outrageous Bills

The following examples appeared in a recent issue of Corporate Counsel Magazine next to an article entitled "GCs Audit Outside Counsel With E-Billing"
* overdue book charges from the Los Angeles County Law Library
* computer service desk and secretarial time
* expert fees, for work done after a case was settled
* a bonus to the bill for good results after a lost trial
* three lawyers travelling first class when only one was needed
* a 30% "success fee" bonus for an uncontested takeover of a public company
* .3 or .5 hours for notifying a partner at another of the firm's offices that someone would be calling to seek assistance
John McGuckin, executive vice president, general counsel and secretary of Union Bank of California offers this advice -- "When in doubt, don't bill it, especially if the final bill for legal services has already been sent."

Better yet, click here for information on electronic billing of intellectual property legal services.
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