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Archived updates for Tuesday, July 20, 2004

APLF: Blogging for I/P Legal Expertise

From the Association of Patent Law Firms:

Unlike general practice firms, APLF member firms do nothing but provide their clients with cutting-edge intellectual property counseling and services. As part of that commitment to excellence, two of our attorneys now offer free "blogs" with the latest news and information in this rapidly evolving field. If you have not seen them already, then check out

"I/P Updates" at
News and information for sophisticated intellectual property practitioners, courtesy of William F. Heinze at Thomas, Kayden, Horstemeyer & Risley, L.L.P. in Atlanta.

"Patently Obvious" at
A patent law resource by Dennis Crouch at McDonnell, Boehnen, Hulbert, & Berghoff, LLP in Chicago.

What is a Blog?

According to Wikipedia, the term "weblog" was coined by Jorn Barger in December 1997 to describe frequently "updated sites that point to articles elsewhere on the web, often with comments, and to on-site articles." The shorter version, "blog," first appeared in 1999 when Peter Merholz broke the word "weblog" into "wee' blog" in the sidebar of his site. The word was later popularized by Pyra's creation of the Blogger weblog service and, in 2002, earned a draft definition in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Most blogs are now in "web syndication" so that periodic "feeds" are available by e-mail with a list of the latest content additions. The feeds come in RSS or Atom formats, and subscribers use "feed reader" applications or services to monitor new postings. Most syndicated blogs will also have links several free feed reader services, such as Bloglet, Bloglines, or My Yahoo! (beta).

For more information on blogging for legal expertise, check out

"Blawg" at
Categorized directory of blogs that are focused on the law or legal-related professions.

"Law Sites" at
Tracking new and intriguing Web sites for lawyers by
Robert J. Ambrogi.

"Jaffe Legal News Service" at
Weekly media tipsheet with
Top Stories, Practice Specific News, Law Firm News, and Articles for Publication.

And, for information on joining the intellectual property experts in the Association of Patent Law Firms, contact

Courtesy of William F. Heinze*
Thomas, Kayden, Horstemeyer & Risley, L.L.P.
100 Galleria Parkway, N.W., Suite 1750
Atlanta, GA 30339-5948  (USA)
Tel.:  (770) 738-2382
Fax:  (770) 951-0933
Mobile:  (404) 729-0729
E-Mail (business)
E-Mail: (personal) 
E-Mail: (mobile)

*Admitted to practice in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Not admitted in Georgia.  
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